Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Foxy in France

Foxy in France  Acrylic  24 x 30 SOLD

This is a commissioned piece that was fun and challenging to paint. My client wanted something with flowers, the colour pink to work in the room it was intended for, and to include her beautiful black cat Foxy. The cat became the challenge because I put her into a partially imagined scene, and I was concerned about getting her the right size.In the end I think she's the right size, as she's a very long furred, voluptuous cat. Painting an all black cat is a bit tricky as well, but I had fun using the vibrant colours in the scene to create her form through the highlights. Happily my client was very pleased with the outcome.

I'm off to Mexico for a couple of weeks with my sisters the first week and my daughter the second. What could be better than that?! (my husband and son may have some suggestions) LOL I've decided to sketch and do ink and watercolours on my trip as they transport so well, and don't weigh much. Happy painting everyone and I'll talk to you in a few weeks.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chinatown Victoria BC

Shanghai City  12 x 12  Oil  SOLD
This is an image from our small but very vibrant Chinatown. It has a rich and fascinating history, and Dales Gallery which I have shown in, is just across the street. There are many rich colours on this street, but red is a standout, so I did a red underpainting and left patches of the red showing through.