Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Paint in the Park

I recently participated in a fund raiser for the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria. A group of Victoria's artists came out and painted en plein air in the park behind the CAC and offered their paintings up for auction with the proceeds going to the CAC. It was a really fun and rather challenging day, as I hadn't painted en plein air for a long time. It's quite humbling to go out in the great outdoors, and try to edit the scene down to an 8 x 8 canvas. My first piece was the only one I was happy with - a painting of McCrae House, which is a bit like a still life. The second was a landscape which was so bad I wanted to throw it like a frisbee as far away as possible, but I don't pollute, so instead I threw it face down on the grass under my easel so no one could see it! Below are some of the scenes and my auctioned painting.

This is the one painting that I was pleased with from my day, and it sold! This is McCrae House, an historical house on the park grounds behind the Community Arts Council. I went into the shade of a big tree, and sat my painting on a compost box in order shoot the picture. It has a bit of glare but you can get the idea.

There are some lovely Garry Oak groves in the park, with paths leading through and on to the golf course. The CAC staff came around regularly in golf carts offering us chairs, cold bottled water, and transporting people who wanted to view the paintings in progress out around the park.

I loved the light glowing warm through the trees here, but didn't select this view to paint. I may paint it in the future.

And here's a view of the golf course with a row of tall elm trees. I thought with a few compositional adjustments, this could have been a nice painting.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Art Critic Review & Paint in the Park

Lemons and Lace II

I'm very excited to announce that today a review of my artwork appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist Newspaper. To view the article click here.

Paint in the Park

Also, many of Victoria's well known plein air artists will be gathering on Saturday September 13th for a Paint in the Park fund raising event for the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria. The artists will all be assigned a position along the beautiful Cedar Hill Park & Trail behind the Cedar Hill Recreation Center. We will be painting from 11:00 to 4:00pm and during that time,  completed paintings will be picked up regularly and exhibited, ready for the silent auction. You can also walk the path and get a sneak preview of the pieces being painted. Starting at 5pm a wine reception and silent auction will take place, with the paintings starting under $50 and increasing in $5 increments with each bid. It's the perfect opportunity to collect a small piece or two by leading Victoria artists, have a fun afternoon with your friends, and at the same time help raise money for the Community Arts Council, which works tirelessly on a volunteer basis, to support the artists of Victoria. Hope to see you there!