Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tea Time

Tea Time - 6 x 6  SOLD

I've been having computer problems so I haven't been able to post. Things are still not solved, but I'm using a different computer in order to post tonight. In this painting I decided to work on using as few brush strokes as possible again. It's a great little Italian Tea Cup that I just love, and I think I captured the shape and feel of it. And at the end I had a really good cup of tea.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal   Acrylic on Linen  16 x 20  $450 + s/h
Please contact for a shipping quote

This painting is from a small village outside of Paris. The entire town was full of hydrangeas in bloom and all I could think of was how much 'Curb Appeal' the homes had. I wanted to move into all of them. In this painting and my last two postings, I've been concentrating on capturing the feel of the moment with minimal brush strokes. Putting each stroke down with purpose. I can tend to overpaint, so restricting my brushstrokes is a great exercise for me, and I'm pleased with the outcome.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon   Acrylic on Canvas   30 x 24  $550 + s/h
Please contact for a shipping quote

While living in the Southwest of France, in Toulouse, we would head out in any direction and just discover whatever we came across. On this particular day, we came upon the city of Albi. I took this photo from the ramparts above the river. There were stone bridges crossing the river one after the other as far as we could see. Bridges that people had been crossing for probably a thousand years. I thought it was so great to be able to fish while looking at a view so rich in history. I really enjoyed painting the reflections of the city onto the surface of the water.



City Dwelling

City Dwelling   Acrylic on Linen  16 x 20  $450 + s/h
Please contact for shipping quote

This painting is inspired from photos I took while living in Paris, France. We had a great apartment in the attic of a seven floor walk up. Yes you read that correctly. Luckily it was a beautiful staircase. Spiral, polished wood, tapestry carpets and floor to ceiling French windows on each landing. But the très chic apartments just above the cafes, within the trees that line the boulevards, like the one in this painting, always fascinated me. These people had large luxurious apartments, and on opening their French doors, could take in all the energy of the street life. I always thought of them as the Parisiens who were really 'City Dwelling'. This building had such beautiful old world charm and combined with the flower boxes full of geraniums, I simply had to paint it. 



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rocks and Moss

Rocks and Moss - 11 x 14 Oil on Canvas $150

Here is my very first oil painting. I took a workshop at Vancouver Island School of Art to alleviate my worries about thinners and such. Now I'm at the bottom of a very steep slope. Caution! Big learning curve ahead! I love how you can blend so easily with oils, but I have to get used to how to apply the paint in layers while still wet. I'm having fun experimenting though. I'll probably go back and forth between acrylics and oils for a while, until I figure out which medium I like to use in which application. Got any tips for the novice oil painter?


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Award of Excellence"

"Evening on the Terrace" is part of a series I painted for a show called Mediterranean Moments, at Dales Gallery, in Victoria BC. This painting is a very personal expression of special moments I loved about living in the Southwest of France with my family, a few years back. During those very warm evenings as the sun was going down, we would sit out on the terrace, and enjoy a glass a wine, fresh seasonal fruit and great conversation with friends and our children. The Moroccan platter and ethnic cloth depicted in the painting were collected while living there, and are now part of our home decor. I love seeing them everyday, and remembering those wonderful moments together.

Each painting in this series depicted warm sunshine, Mediterranean colours, and ethnic wares from the region. The canvas was textured with molding paste before painting, with free circular strokes, creating an energy and flow that follows the composition and helps to lead the eye around the painting.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Evening on the Terrace

Evening on Terrace  30 x 30  SOLD

I'm honoured and excited to tell you that this painting just received the "Award of Excellence" from the Federation of Canadian Artists. It is featured in the Federation's Spring Art Show and Sale at the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria. If you are in the area please drop by and view the show. The CAC is located in Sussex Place 6 - 1001 Douglas St. Open daily 10 am - 5pm April 5th - 14th, except Sunday. I will be painting in the gallery on Saturday April 10th.


Backlit Grapes

Backlit Grapes Acrylic on Linen SOLD

I had a great time painting this one. The grapes were so translucent and the backlighting really shone through them. I also really like the red/green effect with the colouring. This is a little Moroccan bowl I have from our travels, and the glaze has a great reflective quality.



Persimmons   Acrylic on  Linen  $65

I decided to work at making the brush strokes painterly in this one. I tried to make as few strokes as possible while capturing the lighting effect and creating the volumes in the fruits. I'm pleased with how it turned out.



Tuscan Olives 2

Tuscan Olives 2   Acrylic on Exhibition Canvas  $85

I painted a "Tuscan Olives" painting for the Christmas Small Works Show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 2009. I really enjoyed doing that painting and decided to paint this similar one. I love painting in warm Tuscan and Mediterranean colours.



Red Anjou

Red Anjous   Acrylic on  Linen  $65

I had fun with this little painting. The pears and the fabric were quite close in colour. I was using a daylight painting lamp which made all the colours and nuances looked great. Then I took it out from under the daylight lamp and all the variances in colour disappeared. I had to go back in and really push the highlights so that picture would read properly in regular lighting. It was a learning experience, using a painting lamp while working in evening light.


Golden Pears

Golden Pears   Acrylic on  Linen  $65

I had a great time painting this little picture. The pears were quite bumpy and full of personality, which showed up well with the lighting. I've just started working on these small paintings, which take about two hours to complete. I'm hoping to work in this format regularly to sharpen my painting skills.