Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Artishow Plein Air Event - Empress Hotel Victoria BC

This past Sunday was the Artishow Plein Air kick off event. Every Sunday throughout the summer, artists will be demonstrating their work at hotels around the Inner Harbour of Victoria. Painters and sculptors will be out interacting with the public, both locals and tourists. It was a great day, and I spoke to people from many parts of the world. I'm very honoured and humbled to be with some of Victoria's best artists at Artishow, plein air summer event. Check them out
Annie Pelletier, David Hunwick, David Goatly, Tara Juneau, and Robert Amos.

The painting I started on Sunday is a view from Cattle Point, a few blocks from my home, across to Mount Baker in Washington State. We can go weeks without seeing Mt. Baker because of cloud cover, but when we do, it's absolutely breathtaking. It just looms up and glows in the sun.

The canvas is 24 x 48, and did I mention that it's always windy in Victoria? We're right on the Pacific Ocean with nothing but wind and water between us and Japan. Luckily I brought bungy cords. I had my canvas attached to the easel with a bungy, and the easel attached to a box holding supplies and a heavy jug of water. I was painting in acrylics, and with each gust of wind, my paint dried at high speed. It made covering a large canvas a bit of challenge, but I got around it with acrylic medium and mixing the colour inside a yogurt container.

I'm posing for my girlfriend Kerry, who came down expressly to capture these photos for my blog. Thanks Kerry!

Chatting to some interested art enthusiasts, who just happen to be locals. We have a vibrant arts scene in Victoria and many dedicated show goers. I'm almost finished the painting, and will most likely post it in a few days. This upcoming long weekend, Sunday July 3rd, from 12 noon - 6pm, we will be out again on the lawn at the Empress Hotel. If you're in the area, we'd love to see you!


Monday, June 20, 2011

The Old Farm House

Oil on Canvas 8 x 10 $150 Unframed
Free shipping Canada and USA

We recently spent a late afternoon painting out at the old farm at Beaver Pond in Saanich. We were hoping for sun so we'd have some long shadows. The sun came and went, but it was out enough that we were able to capture the light effect. It was a beautiful spot with lots of wild rabbits hopping around the field. I don't know the story of the old farm house, but it's definitely old, with a sagging roof. It was a really glorious spot to paint.

This upcoming Sunday, June 26th, is the kick off of the Artishow Summer Plein Air Event at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. I'll be there painting along with a few other Victoria Artists, from 11am - 6 pm. If you're in the area, drop by and say hello, I'd love to see you!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shady Spot

My plein air painting buddies and I headed out to a nearby park the other morning. It's a beautiful spot with gorgeous scenes to paint in every direction, but finally we decided to paint this stand of Arbutus trees. We all love Arbutus trees for their beautiful red peeling bark and often wind twisted trunks. Unfortunately there is a disease striking these trees, and many of them are having to be removed. So in honour of these west coast beauties, we all started painting. A short time later, a photographer arrived and informed us that a wedding party would be arriving soon, and they would need the entire area. We promised we would leave, and started painting with great speed, trying to get down the necessary lights and darks. I think he misinterpreted our zealous painting, and thought we were going to be problem painters, because he kept coming back and giving us a countdown. We were gone before the first of the happy wedding party arrived and we all finished our paintings at home. I had trouble differentiating the tree foliage in the midground with the shrubs and trees in the background. We may just have to go back to that spot again, but never on a Saturday! :-)

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Bunch of Hotties

Oil on Linen 6 x 6 $85 Unframed SOLD
Free shipping Canada and USA

These radishes were so much fun to paint! I was focusing on the light and keeping the brushwork loose. The curly tails added a fun and chaotic aspect. Sorry, there's a bit of glare on the photo, otherwise I'm fairly pleased with this one.

I'm really delighted to tell you that this month I have a Solo Exhibit at the Marina Restaurant in Oak Bay. The Marina is one of the leading restaurants in Victoria, and yes it's right on the water, at the Oak Bay Marina. I have 17 of my most recent paintings hanging throughout the dining spaces. If you're from the area and are enjoying a wonderful gourmet meal at the Marina, please take the time to enjoy my art show as well!