Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TD Art Gallery Paint In and Small Works Show

Bowl of Cherries  Oil  8 x 8  Available at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's Summer Small Works Show

This past weekend was the Annual TD Art Gallery Paint In, the years biggest and most exciting art event in Victoria BC, Canada. This one day event covers about 1 kilometer of street, filled with artists on both sides, showing and demonstrating their work. About 140 artists were out painting, sculpting, creating pottery, mosaics and printmaking to name a few. This year I did not apply and loved being part of the public! I was able to visit all my friends, have a chat, enjoy the art and thread my way through the crowd. About 30,000 people took in the show. Below are some of my friends with their beautiful art and the last photo is the amazing throng of art enthusiasts.

...and the AMAZING crowd!!! Victoria loves it's art!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Still Life with Pears

Where's the Brie?  8 x 8  Oil  -  Available at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Hello everyone! Yes, it's been quite a while since I posted. I'm at a very busy time in my life and I'm choosing what I can fit into each day, so unfortunately posting hasn't made the list lately, but let's see how I do over the next while. I have to say I've missed all of you supportive artists out there, and especially seeing what all of you have been producing. There is so much talent and beautiful artwork on your blogs. I especially want to thank Hilda Muxo who has kindly checked in on me more than once, to make sure everything was okay and to say she missed me. How special is that when we've never formally met?!

This small painting is one of three juried into the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's Summer Small Works Show. There are over 80 local artists showing in all genre's and styles. It's always a wonderful show well supported by the art lovers of  Victoria.

My husband just retired, and to celebrate we are going on a two month trip including Hong Kong, Australia and Indonesia. I'm just in the process of trying to decide what to take for creating art while I'm there. Because we're going to be moving around and flying quite a bit, I'm thinking ink and watercolour in a sketch pad. I haven't done ink and watercolour in hmmm.....more than 30 years!! But that medium used to be one of my favourite means of artistic expression, so I think I'll try it out.