Sunday, April 18, 2010

City Dwelling

City Dwelling   Acrylic on Linen  16 x 20  $450 + s/h
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This painting is inspired from photos I took while living in Paris, France. We had a great apartment in the attic of a seven floor walk up. Yes you read that correctly. Luckily it was a beautiful staircase. Spiral, polished wood, tapestry carpets and floor to ceiling French windows on each landing. But the très chic apartments just above the cafes, within the trees that line the boulevards, like the one in this painting, always fascinated me. These people had large luxurious apartments, and on opening their French doors, could take in all the energy of the street life. I always thought of them as the Parisiens who were really 'City Dwelling'. This building had such beautiful old world charm and combined with the flower boxes full of geraniums, I simply had to paint it. 



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