Monday, June 21, 2010


On the weekend I wrote that I had planned to post this step by step, but then decided not to because I'm thinking of entering this painting in a show, and I thought it would be against the show rules. I reviewed the rules and think it's fine. I was being a bit a too diligent I think. So here's the post.

Here is the value study of my painting 'Apeeling'. I drew it out using a view finder, and measuring the proportions and angles with my paintbrush. Then painted in the abstract shapes and values.

I've started blocking in the big abstract shapes.

This is the modeling phase, where I'm trying to see and create the subtle changes in colour, tone and temperature. Working on creating the volume of the objects, seeing colours reflected into the underside of the chrome bar, and starting to create the reflection of the peel onto the tabletop.

Original Oil on Linen  11 x 14  $650

This is the highlight and accent phase. I added the highlights and applied some impasto paint to further emphasize the apple and peel. I'm trying to decide if I should further define the chrome edge of the table. I tried to downplay it so it wouldn't compete with the apple, but I'm thinking it needs some crisping up. Any comments?





  1. I concur Claire...crisping up would probably give it a more natural look for the chrome which is what one expects. I don't think it will take away from the apple at all...the composition captures it!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Sunbeam! I'll probably crisp it up, but still keep it more subdued than it appeared.

  3. Adorei sua pintura!Ainda mais porque me reportou a minha infância.A maquina que descasca laranjas ´só vi igual em um estado distante de meu estado natal.Meu pais é muito grande como o seu.Então as diferenças os hábitos costumes e efigenia são muito diferentes também.Moro no estremo sul do Brasil,e em uma viagem com minha Avó conheci este aparelho de descascar laranjas,jamasis lembraria outra vez dessa viagem e do descascador de laranjas ,se não tivesse visto seu trabalho.Obrigado por me avivar a memoria.parabéns!Rodrigo Corrêa

  4. For those of you who are wondering what Rodrigo is saying to me, I used a translation program, and he really likes my painting. It reminds him of his childhood, because his grandmother had an apple peeling appliance like this. Rodrigo by the way, has a lovely site. He has a series of vintage flavoured paintings that are quite beautiful. Check it out.