Monday, March 14, 2011

Opulence - Step by Step

'Opulence' Original Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 30

I'm back! It seems like forever since I posted and talked to everyone. I was sick with a cold, then went out of town to visit my parents, and then my daughter came into town to visit us. It's been great spending the time with family and having so many laughs!

I think I'm finished this painting, but I'll need to live with it for a few weeks to really know. Because of the time lapse since I started posting the Step by Step, I decided to post them all together so you get the effect. There's a bit of glare in the upper right hand corner, probably because I used some glazing fluid and it has a bit of sheen. Once I've decided that it's finished, I'll varnish it so the finish is consistent.

Now has this ever happened to you? When I went to make this blog post, my image upload window wouldn't let me upload any pictures. I am a bit technologically challenged so things have to be pretty basic for me. I've been checking my 'cache' and my 'cookies' and updating Firefox and finally googling how to revert to the 'old editor' on my blog. Phew!



  1. Comme le dit à juste titre l'appellation de votre peinture, c'est l'opulence de fruits... mais également de couleurs qui s'harmonisent parfaitement bien...
    Bravo et toutes mes félicitations pour cette belle oeuvre.
    Je me réjouis du bien-être que vous avez eu avec votre petite famille...
    Gros bisous et à bientôt.

  2. It's so beautiful to see how your painting evolved. Thank you so much for sharing the step by step. It's beautiful. And so intricate! I admire your talent very much!

  3. Hello Claire,this is wonderful still life!
    Beautiful colors, composition and textures.

  4. Beautiful Claire. I especially love the composition. Did you paint it from life? Well done.

    I cannot say that I have had that specific problem with Blogger, but strange problems seem to happen often and eventually go away again.

    Have faith!

  5. Great to watch the evolution of this painting! It's beautiful! I really do admire your abilities and the patience it takes to bring all of this information together and make it hold together . . . your fabric is especially stunning!

    I have had your problem with blogger. What worked for me was quitting the browser and relaunching. It seemed to fix itself. :-)

  6. Thanks everyone for wonderful comments and encouragement. I had some problems with flow on this one. The room I was painting in from life, was too small and the lighting on my palette was strong enough. I tried to switch to painting from a photo but felt like I couldn't see, so I went back to the small room and bought more lighting. My final day of painting was only looking at the painting itself and adding what I felt helped the whole painting hold together. Again thanks from all your kind comments.

  7. First, I love WIP. This painting is so beautiful and to see it step by step makes it really interesting. You get better with every painting you do...great job Claire!!

  8. Hilda thank you so much for this wonderful comment. The purpose of my art blog was to paint frequently and hopefully, see progress in my work as time goes by. So your comment has really thrilled me! Thank you!

  9. Nice painting. I love the colors.