Monday, June 6, 2011

A Bunch of Hotties

Oil on Linen 6 x 6 $85 Unframed SOLD
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These radishes were so much fun to paint! I was focusing on the light and keeping the brushwork loose. The curly tails added a fun and chaotic aspect. Sorry, there's a bit of glare on the photo, otherwise I'm fairly pleased with this one.

I'm really delighted to tell you that this month I have a Solo Exhibit at the Marina Restaurant in Oak Bay. The Marina is one of the leading restaurants in Victoria, and yes it's right on the water, at the Oak Bay Marina. I have 17 of my most recent paintings hanging throughout the dining spaces. If you're from the area and are enjoying a wonderful gourmet meal at the Marina, please take the time to enjoy my art show as well!



  1. Yes, I agree the little curly roots are fun little eye catchers that draw the eye around the composition. Congrats on the solo exhibit and best of luck!

  2. it pleases much your style to me, fresh, loose, with light outlines

  3. gracias por tu amable visita a mi blog. thanks

  4. Hello Claire,
    annuities beautiful!
    I love her still lifes. They have a personal touch.
    I like your colors!
    A hug from Brazil

  5. Thank you Susan, Fito and Antonio for your encouraging and warm comments. You are all very talented artists and it's wonderful to exchange thoughts on painting with you.

  6. Claire, this is wonderful. Love how the light strikes on the left and casts the shadows on the right. Great highlights, too.

    Thanks for visiting. We got moved on Saturday and today we got hooked up for internet, so I'm happy. And really tired.

  7. Love this painting, Claire. Good luck with your show. Wish I was close enough to join you!!

  8. Thank you Virginia, Hilda and Mikko, I had a lot of fun this one. In the end it sort of looked and exploding radish bunch. :-)