Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Warmth   Oil   16 x 16

Pomegranates are in season and I can't resist these rich red fruits, both inside and out. They are one of those fruits that everyone loves to paint. These ones seemed like the perfect accompaniment to some red wine. I wanted to create a rich, warm and inviting atmosphere. The lighting was important in creating the atmosphere, by suggesting evening with a low or candlelight type of lighting effect. I've been working in a lot of detail in my most recent paintings and decided to try to limit the detail and just suggest the fabric pattern. I used a palette knife for the leaves, again just suggesting rather that forming each leaf. I'm drawn to patterns and detail, so I had to really fight the urge not to say more with the paint. 



  1. Excellent piece, Claire.. I love the rich colors on the fruit and wine...Congratulations on a beautiful painting.

  2. Whether you paint loose or tight as in the previous piece, you are such a good painter!!

  3. Thank you Lorraine, I really appreciate you're comments. I always so enjoy your posts and admire you work.

  4. Hello Claire,
    long time no visit you. I see you're still producing pretty much always works, always very well prepared!
    Congratulations and a hug from Brazil

    1. Hello Antonio,
      Nice to hear from you! I haven't been on your site recently because I'm not on the Google group account and don't have a password. I miss seeing your art!