Friday, July 16, 2010


Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas  36 x 24  $600 + s/h

I had so much fun painting "Three Amigos", the post of July 9th, that I decided to take it to a large format. I added an extra bowl for height and a few things in the foreground because of the extra space in changing from a square to rectangular composition. All the objects are many times their life size, and seen in real life, the stack of bowls is quite impressive, like a feat of balance. So I called it Olé! Greatly enlarged objects are an interesting concept. Maybe something to consider in the future. I think I prefer Three Amigos, probably because the image was fresh for me, and it was so cute, it almost had it's own personality, but Ole has some power. Which do you prefer? Tell me what you think about this concept. This is the last of my Mexican theme.....for the moment.



  1. In answer to your question, I LOVE the power and size of "Ole!". It's vibrant colours along with the length of the canvas make for a beautiful addition to a person's wall. It would definitely be my preference because it IS bigger than life! That being said, I'm sure that the smaller composition would also appeal to several people choice is "Ole!"

  2. Thanks Sunbeam,
    Yes it definitely has a presence on the wall. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Hello Claire. It's hard to pick out the two still-lifes. Many times I clicked here and there. I won the "Ole". It's very lively painting. As if I could smell the tomato and heard tinkling china. The format is really impressive. I love your sense of color and how placing them on the canvas. Your pictures are very beautiful and positive. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am honored that I could know your work. Sincerely, Jana Alexandra