Sunday, September 12, 2010


Original Acrylic Painting  12 x 12  $250 
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When I was living in the South of France, each evening began with the Aperitif, and usually a number of good friends. We would sit down around the table and share conversation and laughter, often a glass of wine and some little appetizer like the olives pictured above. This is a little Moroccan dish I bought while living there, and it's something that I cherish for both it's beauty and memories. This painting is more about the Aperitif experience than about a particular aspect of painting, however I did enjoy painting the light on the olives and the wine glass. The ratan table top I could have done without, but once I'd committed, I just kept on going.




  1. Très jolie peinture et merveilleux souvenirs que ceux des apéritifs... à la française! Bienvenue en France si le coeur vous en dit de revenir respirer par chez moi.
    Très beau travail dans le tressage ...