Thursday, October 28, 2010


Clementines Original Oil Painting on Linen 8 x 8 Framed - SOLD
Free s/h CAN & USA International please email for shipping rate

I had a very slow start on this one. I wiped it off twice before finally deciding to sit down, thereby changing my viewpoint and avoiding drawing the opening of the pitcher. Some days you just can't make it happen! I ended up liking this composition better and am pleased with the outcome. I'm working on more painterly brushstrokes, which I think I achieved on the pitcher and the cloth. The clementines ended up a bit tighter, but you have to start somewhere!

This painting is of one of my favourite belongings - a Tuscan pitcher. I bought it at a flea market in a little village in the Southwest of France. The woman who sold it to me, told me a wonderful story of how she came to own it. A flea market vendor in Tuscany was berating the crowd for being so cheap and not buying anything from him on this particular day. He held up the pitcher and kept lowering the price until finally he offered it for free, at which point she stepped forward and accepted it. The irony is that she didn’t pay it forward, she charged me for it, and quite a healthy price too! But I’m happy I own it all the same. :-)



  1. Wonderful story, wonderful fun memory!

    I really like this, Claire. It does have that painterly feel. Very nice!

  2. Thanks for commenting Virginia. And thanks for saying it looks painterly. You made my day!

  3. Hello Claire
    Estou gostando muito de suas naturezas mortas.
    As composições e as cores elegantes se completam muito bem.