Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Tarts

 Original Oil Painting  6 x 6  $85
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I love Granny Smith apples and laid out on this cloth, they reminded me of Valentines which just happens to be coming up in a few hours, so I called it Love Tarts. This is a demo piece I did at the LOOK Victoria Art Show and Sale yesterday afternoon. It was absolutely pouring with rain in Victoria yesterday, so the shopping mall was hopping, and so many people came through to view the art, talk to the artists demonstrating, and buy something new for their walls!

I seem to be concentrating really hard. It's probably more like camera shy! I had a hard time finding a way to set up my still life, because the few plugs in the gallery were situated in difficult traffic areas. So consequently my set up was low to the floor and far away. Very few people noticed my set up and thought I was just painting from my head. Then they were impressed when they realized I was painting from life. (I think it would have been more impressive if I was painting a still life from my head!)



  1. Hello Claire, beautiful painting!
    ( eu gosto muito das suas naturezas mortas e esse com esse pano... está ótima, colorida e luminosa)

  2. Lovely Valentine sentiment. Simple is beautiful. The green apples against the pink fabric give the apples a magical quality.

  3. P.S. How exciting to have a show with so much traffic.

  4. Heureuse Saint Valentin ma chère Claire... Très joli travail que celui de vos pommes d'amour...

  5. Thanks Antonio, Artscapes and Martine for your kind compliments.

  6. as Napoleon Dynamite would say: LUCKY!!! living in Victoria!! how gorgeous!! I'm crazy about the fabric in your latest painting: the folds and color are beautiful: very rich and extravagant feeling..if that makes sense. It really jumps out!

  7. Hi Claire, At first I was struck by the colors of your painting and then I realized what I enjoyed just as much was the great composition. It is a lovely little piece and how fortunate for those who got to watch you work on it. How fortunate for us that you posted it here!

  8. Thank you Janice and Sandy. I so appreciate your comments and the opportunity to link back through to your beautiful work!