Monday, February 28, 2011

Step by Step - Still in Progress

I've been having a crazy week.... I had two shows to prepare for, my day job is extremely busy at the moment, and I came down with the flu, so my progress has been minimal on this painting. I tried to photograph it so that you can see some of the texture more easily. I like to create flowing lines that reflect the energy and movement of the painting. Speaking of painting, I feel like I've lost the flow on this one, so I'm going to warm up again with a few small paintings and then come back to it. Does that ever happen to you? I mean seriously, I went from bold confident strokes to fussy little "what the heck is that colour I just put on there?" kind of strokes. So I definitely need to get back in the groove.

The Federation of Canadian Artists Spring Exhibition opened on Sunday. I'm very pleased to have a piece in the show. I was sick for the opening, so I'll be dropping by tomorrow to see it. I'm sure there are many wonderful paintings in the show as usual. I'm also pleased to have a solo show of Still Life and Jazz themed paintings at a local Starbucks for the month of March. That's a fun and busy venue so I'm looking forward to that.



  1. It's looking fabulous Claire! I think you're being hard on yourself. The fabric is fabulous! Hope you're feeling better now.

  2. Claire, you are fantastic at capturing the folds in cloth, I've noticed! It looks wonderful! lucky you in victoria! Soon the roses will be out!

  3. You are too hard on yourself . . . this painting has lovely color and dynamism and the fabric is beautifully painted! I do know that feeling, however, of getting lost and not being in the present as I paint. I often lose sight of the original intention of what I set out to learn or the overall effect I wanted to work towards. Such a fine line between losing oneself in the work and getting lost! :-)