Monday, April 18, 2011

Oak Bay Artists' Studio Tour

What a wonderful weekend and Studio Tour! The weather was sunny and many very friendly art lovers visited my studio over the two afternoons. One visitor was a great friend who I had lost touch with and hadn't seen in 15 years! I was so excited and busy talking that I forgot to take a picture! This is a photo of me in my dining room with some of my west coast scenes.

These two happy partons said they had just bought a new home and I'm honoured to have my paintings grace their walls.

I asked if people minded if I took some photos and they quickly scattered into other rooms and out of sight, so the following pictures are not animated with viewers, but it gives an idea of the show.

Here's the living room. It was a circle tour of the main floor of the house. Through the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway and back along to the entrance. Paintings were hung on all the walls throughout. In all there were just over 50 paintings, from 6 x 6 up to 48 x 48.

Where ever there was a small section of wall, I made a grouping of complimentary paintings.

You're now wondering just how many holes I have in my walls. :-) We've put picture rail in the living room and will soon have throughout.

It was a lot of work to prepare for the tour, because I always garden, pot plants, and mega clean, (my family wants to run and hide) but it's always rewarding. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the visitors include other artists who want to ask about my process, art buyers connect, and people who just plain love art, are thrilled with the opportunity to talk to me about my work and inspiration. It's a great well attended community event!



  1. How wonderful to turn your whole house into a gallery/studio! I would have loved to see it! And yes, I was wondering about the holes in the wall, and whether or not you got in trouble for that. Beautiful work! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Claire! Sounds like a great, fun event and I saw some red dots, too!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful support Kathrine and Lorraine! It's a really fun event full of energy and excitement, and when it's over I crash for a few days. And yes there were some red dots! Yeah!

  4. This is fantastic. Well done Claire.

  5. Wow! What a huge undertaking. It looks like quite the success, congratulations!

  6. Thanks Dori and Carol, it was a great weekend, and lots of fun socializing with the public.

  7. FORMIDABLE!!! Dommage que je ne puisse venir vous visiter... mes félicitations aussi pour les ventes et pour une telle organisation qui ne manque pas de sens... Tout votre art explose dans votre univers... Gros bisous à vous et un grand merci pour vos gentils commentaires.

  8. Thanks Martine for taking the time from your vacation to send your kind thoughts.