Monday, July 4, 2011

On a Clear Day

Original Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 48

On a clear day, the name of my newest painting, is the view that we are lucky enough to see from the beach just a 5 minute walk from my house, when the clouds lift and the air is clear. This is the view from Cattle Point, looking across the Strait of Juan de Fuca toward Washington State. The gorgeous mountain in the background is Mt. Baker, which is always capped with snow. it's truly magnificent and on a day like this everyone asks "Did you see Mt. Baker today?" I had to adjust the tones of the distant islands between the water and the mountain. I didn't have them pushed back far enough. But once I painted in the foreground it was obvious that the tones in the background needed to be lightened a bit. It's all relative...

I had another great day yesterday painting on the lawn of the Empress Hotel again. I won't tell you about the gale force winds when we arrived. I'll just say that EVERYTHING was tied or taped down. I almost attached myself! But, are the skies ever clear now! Not a cloud to be seen! Mt. Baker is once again in full view. I had the opportunity to chat with a lot of tourists and almost all of them were from Texas or Alabama. When I asked why so many people from that area were up here in Canada, they all said "Trying to beat the heat!" I told them that they were fortunate to come from a place filled with so many talented artists, and that I was in awe of the amount of talent residing in Texas. Okay, I know it's a big State but still! I can tell you they were visibly proud! :-)



  1. Just a walk from your house? I can't even imagine how wonderful that would be. The painting is great! Do you sell your work to visitors who come to town? I bet people would love them.

  2. it IS all relative! This is a beautiful painting and you are so lucky to have this incredible view.
    I hope to get out there someday to see the Pacific Northwest. WOW!
    And yes, the Texans must've been 'tres' puffed up!

  3. Wonderful painting, Claire! You are a lucky girl to have this inspiring view surrounding you. What a great event! Such a nice thing you said about Texans . . .

  4. Thank you Kathrine, Mary and Lorraine. We all live in our own little piece of paradise and paint it as often as we can! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to connect. That's what makes blogging so rewarding. Exchanging thoughts with encouraging friends.

  5. OMGosh, Claire!! this is absolutely beautiful. I can't imagine living 5 minutes from this spectacular scenery. I guess I'll have to start working on getting my passport, huh? again, congratulations on this amazing piece.

  6. Thanks Hilda! You should definitely start working on getting your passport. The whole Northwest is a beautiful place!