Sunday, July 24, 2011

Any Title Ideas?

I managed to take a few hours today to finish off this painting, while our visitors went downtown and did a few things. I'll probably make some minor adjustments once I've had time to live with the painting a bit. I don't know what to call this one, so if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Here I am in my backyard painting in the shade. Yes! we're having a sunny day! Maureen the winner of the Rainy Day Painting Draw, from the Art Gallery Paint-In came by and picked up her prize today, the painting l'Aperitif. She said she felt so lucky to have won the painting, that she almost went out to buy a lottery ticket. :-)


  1. I love how the pale greens and blues dance around each other throughout the painting. I would call it Summer Sweets. Whatever you decide to call it, it's gorgeous!

  2. " Nature's best with blue " is the title that comes to my mind. Everything's so appealing on the table and the blue tablecloth comes out heavenly. An harmonious piece of work!

  3. What a beautiful painting!! It's just all things Summer!! Just gorgeous. And Maureen should buy a lottery ticket, what a win! Love that painting also.

  4. "Grains de vie"... Le plaisir est intense d'admirer cette généreuse peinture... La lumière, les couleurs et l'abondance... tout est réuni et je te félicite pour ce travail majestueux....
    Je voudrais bien venir m'attarder au coin de ta toile...
    Gros bisous et une grand merci pour tes commentaires qui me touchent toujours beaucoup.

  5. Thank you Kathrine, Helen, Carrie and Martine for your very thoughtful and generous comments. Thanks also for the great name ideas! Sometimes you just want to post but don't have a name for the painting, so appreciate your great ideas. I haven't quite decided yet, but you've all been a great help.

  6. Hello Claire,
    this beautiful still life.
    The intense color and good design are the high point of the composition.
    Ler foneticamente

  7. Wow! I love this painting Claire. The blues and greens are perfect together. Love it!!!

  8. it looks incredible.. keep it up..

  9. This is beautiful, Claire. So fresh with the bright whites among the cool greens and blues. Love the delicate movement in the flowers. My mind is mush---no good title ideas, yet.

  10. "Blue, white, yellow and green-
    A prettier sight I've never seen
    Of summer's flowers, fruits and colors
    Viewed by others with no lack of ardors."

  11. Thank you Belle, Lorraine and Steven. I really appreciate your encouragement. I think I may go with Kathrine's idea of Summer Sweets for the title. Steven, your poem is overwhelming me! I've never received a poetic comment before and I'm thrilled beyond words! Thank you so much.