Thursday, December 8, 2011

Red Reflected

Red Reflected  Oil on Linen  8 x 10  $300

This one was challenging but a lot of fun. I wanted to create some drama with the lighting, emphasizing the red of the pomegranate, as well as practice painting reflections. I had to really stick to 'paint what you see' because the reflections were not what I expected, in terms of value and colour intensity in some areas. All in all I'm pretty pleased with results.



  1. Un travail magnifique ma chère Claire!... Wouahou!
    les reflets sont superbes et jouer avec les nuances de rouges n'ont pas du être une simple affaire! Bravo aussi pour le souci du détail.
    Une oeuvre spécialement belle et réussie.
    gros bisous

  2. Hello Claire,
    reflected the pomegranate with this gray background is well painted and elegant!
    a hug

  3. Beautiful, beautiful red!!!!
    This painting is a celebration of color,drama, contrasts,and reflection. Very well done, my friend.

  4. Gorgeous colors! Gorgeous painting!! You should be very pleased with this piece!!

  5. Thank you Martine, Antonio, Steven and Hilda. I'm grateful for your positive comments. I was afraid that this one was a bit too dark so I appreciate your thoughts. I did really have fun with the reflections.

  6. Very well done. I think red is one of the more difficult hues to work with, but you seem to have mastered it here.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Wonderful dramatic light, color and pattern!