Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silk and Persimmons

Silk and Persimmons  Oil on Linen  11 x 14

This was an experiment with a high horizon line, playing with the rich colours and folds of the silk fabric. I really enjoyed painting the persimmons as well. All the warm nuances and shadows. I'm not sure if I'm completely finished on this one. I may add some glazes in the fabric.



  1. Bonsoir ma chère Claire, C'est toujours avec un immense plaisir que je savoure tes oeuvres.
    Les nuances de couleurs de cette dernière sont chaleureuses. Tu as réussi avec une grande délicatesse ton drapé. On peut voir que le travail de tes kakis t'ont apporté une grande satisfaction.
    En somme une autre très belle peinture...
    Je te fais de gros bisous et te souhaite une très belle fin de semaine.

  2. Oh Claire how beautiful!
    The silk is so silky; the persimmons so persimmony and the color is just magical. I think your high horizon is successful too.
    Your friend

  3. Hello Claire,
    beautiful painting and happy experience!
    you are making the most beautiful works ever!
    Best wishes and happy Christmas

  4. You get better with every painting you do!! This is an outstanding piece! The folds in the fabric are perfectly done as well as the persimmons ...the bowl!! all of it..

  5. This is so gorgeous! Love that red fabric! I like the high horizon line too. Right in the Christmas spirit.

    P.S. Thanks for checking in on me. I hope to get back into the painting groove soon.

  6. Thank you Martine, Steven, Antonio, Hilda and Virginia. I so appreciate receiving comments, and especially from artists who I admire, like yourselves. It validates the work we do and gives such a wonderful sense of artists' community, even though some of you live on other continents. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? Cheers!

  7. This is gorgeous, Claire! Love the richness of the colors and composition, the high horizon and the lushness of the fabric. Wonderful drama you've created with all the variations of reds contrasted with the pristine whites in the bowl.