Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wine Art

Merlot Moment    Acrylic   30 x 40    $1350

I was needing some new large format paintings as anchor pieces for my outdoor shows this summer, and this is one of them. I'm really pleased with the outcome, but I went through many challenges in order to complete this one. The original vase was cut porcelain  made by a well know Canadian ceramic artist (whose name I unfortunately forget) and I absolutely love it. It's beauty just didn't transfer onto canvas well, so I painted it out and changed the vase to glass. I think it adds a lot more to the interest and cohesiveness of the painting, with the stems drawing on all the colours in the palette. I was also able to practice my new acrylic painting skills of glazing with glazing fluid, which I learned at Janice Robertson's workshop at the Metchosin Summer School of the Arts. Janice was a great instructor, being very generous with her knowledge, very attentive with her students, respectful and encouraging, not to mention lots of fun! Thank you Janice! I'm enjoying knowing how to properly use glazing fluid.



  1. This is a beautiful piece, Claire. The colors and gorgeous details are amazing! This will definitely catch everyone's eye at your outdoor show!

    1. Thank you Hilda! This painting was definitely a conversation piece! (probably because of the size). I still have one more outdoor show this summer, coming up on August 10th, and I still own this one, so I'll take it again and see what happens...

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  3. I had to start my comment over, because the spellchecker changed the word show-goer into shower! You don't want showers at your outdoor show, trust me! I tried to write that this piece is gorgeous and the glazing really makes each object glow with a unique personality of its own. The whole piece just glows with a soft, yet passionate ambience, Claire. It will certainly prompt show goers to stop and take it in and hope to see more! Well done!

  4. Thank you Katherine! This painting was popular, probably because of the size. I really enjoyed using the glazing techniques. I always tried to used glazing fluid in a watercolour technique manner, glazing over too large of an area. I now get how to use the medium and I'm so excited to try it again! Thanks for you thoughtful comment Kathrine.