Monday, August 4, 2014

Still Life - April Afternoon

April Afternoon   16 x 20   Acrylic

This upcoming Sunday, August 10th is the Oak Bay Community Artists summer event, the Bowker Creek Artists' Brush-Up Show and Sale. It's a wonderful outdoor art event in Bowker Creek Park. There are 35 artists this year who will demonstrating their work in the lovely dappled light along the sides of the creek. Join the fun and participate in a piece of public art set for silent auction at the end of the show. As well there will be an art station for kids, some environmental groups helping us understand how to keep our community green, and a gourmet hamburger BBQ presented by The Oaks Restaurant. If you are in the area, please do drop by and say hi! 



  1. A beautiful floral, Claire. LOVE the lemons....

  2. Thank you Hilda! Florals are not really part of my repetoire, but I'm trying to work them in to some of my paintings. I have a big learning curve ahead of me. The part I enjoyed the most about painting the flowers was the stems in the glass vase.

  3. How was the day today!? Honestly, Claire, I don't know of any artist who paints lemons as beautifully contoured and colored the way that you do! They are absolutely exquisite! I really admire your skill and artistry!

  4. Hi Kathrine, as you can see from my new post, the day was fantastic! Thanks so much for your beautiful comment on my lemons, you make me feel accomplished. Coming from an artist of your caliber, I feel very honoured by your positive critique.