Monday, July 18, 2016

A big thank you to all of the 35,000 art lovers who came out in droves to enjoy seeing local artists creating their art, along Moss St. in Victoria. Thanks also to my great helpers Liz and Pat and to my host house, (the home I was positioned in front of). You were all so helpful and especially the homeowners on Moss, who came to rescue with first aid! It was such a fun day visiting with lots of friends and meeting new friends who enjoyed my art.

Whether looking North or looking South, the crowd was thick and very friendly and enthusiastic!

This year there was a record 200 artists gracing the street and demonstrating their art form! Every art form you can think of was represented on Moss St. this past Saturday.



  1. This looked like a very successful day Claire! And it looks like the weather cooperated nicely!!! 💕

  2. Thanks Hilda! It was such a fabulous and fun day! I talked with so many friends and made many new ones. And I had so many artist friends in the same block. It was an art party! I loved it!