Saturday, October 20, 2018

Painting After a Pause


I must say that retirement is so great, and that being able to devote my time to painting is really fulfilling. I'm just getting into a regular schedule and still have to fit in my fitness workouts, but it will all come together. 

After not painting for several months due to my extended trip and the preparation for it beforehand, it was interesting getting back in the painting saddle. On my return, I had only a few weeks before starting up my teaching schedule for the fall, so I began painting in acrylics, as that is the medium I'm teaching in. I was surprised at how many painting techniques that I would normally readily employ, came back slowly. Things like softening edges. I had to go back and do it after the fact. I have now completed my first two sets of classes and my first demonstration of the season, and I've moved on to oils. It feels great to be painting with that rich buttery oil paint that scrapes off so nicely! And I did scape off....twice! 
But regardless of the challenges, it's just so enriching to be able to spend my days creating. And the thing we all love about painting is the lifelong learning. It literally never stops, and that's why we never stop. Happy painting everyone!


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  1. A beautiful scene, Claire!!!! Harvest is full of amazing colors and the perfect Fall painting...sometimes it takes awhile to adjust to retirement. I love having that extra time to paint.. What's not to love? Lol. I look forward to seeing more of your paintings!!!!