Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lighthouse Point

Original Oil on Panel 8 x 10 SOLD
I travel frequently between Victoria and Vancouver on BC Ferries. Luckily you pass through some of the most spectacular scenery on the west coast. This lighthouse out on the point with small broken islands all around, is one of my favourite scenes as we cross, so it's only fitting that I paint it! I have no idea what the name of the island is, but it's a really pretty spot.



  1. beautifully done
    especially like the clear crisp contrast
    Haven't been to Vancouver but been to Maine and there are some great islands and ligthhouses there also
    What a beautiful continent on either coast

  2. Hi Claire, Thanks for dropping by and for the info re the show. Your question about the share button. I don't know what I did. I used the updated design feature where you can change the font size and colours. On my browser the comments text is an orange colour.

  3. One thing that following art blogs has done for me, is help me realize how truly beautiful this continent is. There are places that I've discovered through others paintings, that really speak to me.

    Artscapes, thanks for the info on your share buttons, when I have some time I'll work on that.