Sunday, December 5, 2010


Oil on Linen  6 x 6  $85

It's mandarine season again, and I had some on hand so here they are featured in a small painting. I've been wanting to paint oranges on this tea towel for a while, and I've finally done it! I find the colour combination quite yummy. 

I've just spent the weekend at a fantastic workshop on Classic Still Life, learning the technique "Chiaroscuro" meaning light out of dark. The workshop was taught by well known Victoria artist, Keith Hiscock. Check him out on Facebook. He does beautiful oil paintings of west coast scenes and still lifes.  I'm really excited about the weekend and will post all about the workshop in a day or two, when I hopefully will have taken some photos of my paintings from the class.  Now that we've hit daylight savings up here in the Pacific Northwest, it's hard to get photos of my work outside of the weekend, as it's always dark when I get home! Yuck!




  1. Very nice, Claire. Those stripes are really well-done, nice and loose with lots of variation in the tones and values. Makes the fabric realistic. Also love the orange segments!

    Looking forward to hearing about your workshop.

  2. Claire, are perfect.
    I could feel the taste of them here!
    Big hug and always success ...

  3. How pretty! I love the highlights on the slices. Very good work!

  4. I love the stripes with the round orange. Beautiful palette as well that really makes the painting full of light.

  5. Thank you Virginia, Malu, Katherine and Claire for your wonderful comments! I'm so pleased you like it and really value your feedback.