Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Original Oil on Canvas 8 x 8 SOLD
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I've been away from painting for a while due to the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed your celebrations with family and friends. We had a wonderful Christmas with all the family in Vancouver, which made it really special. So to get back into things, I decided to choose a subject I was familiar with - Red Anjou Pears, and decided to concentrate on edges and brushwork. After a bit of frustration and feeling it was a too tight, I took a paintbrush and just made some bold strokes and messed some edges, and then I liked it a whole lot more!I'm really pleased with the values of the reflections on the shadow sides of the front and right pears. Those can be tricky, but I think I captured them. So now the dry spell is broken, and for the rest of my time off, I'm going to look forward to painting each day. Please take a moment to say hi because I've missed you!



  1. Bonjour ma chère Claire... je me réjouis de vous revoir...
    Les fêtes ne sont toutefois pas encore terminées!
    Votre trio de poires est très réussi... Elles dansent bien ensemble. Les ombres et le fond font bien venir en avant votre sujet.
    Gros bisous à vous. Bonne année...

  2. Beautiful, Claire!! Your reds are fabulous! Great composition as well. Love the hints of red in the background. It's a lovely painting. I also was noticing that your blog background is a really pleasing color.

  3. Thank you Martine and Carrie! I seem to have a thing about painting reds. When I look through my portfolio a lot of my paintings are in that colour palette. Thanks also for your comment on the background of my blog Carrie. I tried a lot of different colours and this one seemed to set off the paintings but not overpower them, so I'm quite pleased that you mentioned it. Happy New Year to you both!

  4. Hello Claire,
    Beautiful work!
    Congratulations and happy new year!

  5. Beautiful painting of these red pears..I love the color red and perfect shadings!!

  6. Thank you Antonio and Hilda, I've really appreciated your support this past year, and wish you both a Happy New Year and lots of fun and success blogging!