Monday, August 1, 2011

Symphony Splash at the Empress Hotel

Symphony Splash, Victoria's favourite summer festival, took place yesterday in Victoria's Inner Harbour. The Symphony and all of the other musical entertainment for the day, were on a barge in the bay, in front of the Empress Hotel and the Provincial Legislature Building. Festival goers from all of the world as well as most of Victoria, came out for this wonderful event. I was one of six artists demonstrating on the lawn of the Empress Hotel. These three girls from Japan were so beautiful in their kimonos!

I had a great time interacting with the public who are always so interested in an artist's process.
Some of the other activities included top class street entertainers, a street dance with lessons from the Arthur Murray Dance Company, painting for kids, and the best, a Musical Instrument Petting Zoo of kids, so they could hold and try out a musical instrument.

As the sun went down the anticipation to hear the Victoria Symphony play from the barge increased. More and more people arrived, more and more boats arrived, and the best seats were in kayaks right in front of the Symphony Barge. The kayakers were thick like rush hour traffic!

Our Provincial Legislature building with it's beautiful night time lights.

The Victoria Symphony, playing on their floating stage. They played many well known classical pieces, as well as some fun pieces by the Beatles that everyone sang along to.

As the final piece of music came to an end the sky lit up with a grand finale of fireworks! What a fantastic day everyone had, and I'm lucky enough to live here!


  1. Ma chère Claire vous étiez aussi radieuse que ces trois jeunes filles japonaises... Quel beau travail aussi que celui de votre toile! Il ne doit pas être aisé de peindre ainsi en public surtout sur un aussi grand format!
    Arrivez-vous à suffisamment vous concentrer ?... Parvenez-vous à l'achever dans la journée?... Que de questions n'est-ce pas? Je suis simplement éblouie par tant d'ardeur... je comprends aisément l'attirance de vos admirateurs... j'aimerais être une petite mouche aussi!
    La finale de cette journée est superbe... Après vos magnifiques couleurs on peut contempler les couleurs d'un feu d'artifice...
    Gros bisous et franchement "chapeau"!

  2. Beautiful post Claire!

  3. This looks like such a wonderful setting and event! I would have loved to be there.

    I have tagged you with a challenge on my blog. Tag, you're it!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Claire! thanks for sharing them with us. The girls from Japan are beautiful with their Kimonos. And that night time scene is spectacular.

  5. Thank you Martine, Antonio, Virgina and Hilda. This really was a wonderful day and night to remember. Our family visiting from France really had a wonderful time.