Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunnyside Up

Oil on Canvas 9 x 12 SOLD

Keeping with the sunshine theme of summer, I'm reposting a painting that gave me an equally sunny, happy feeling as my last post. I haven't posted much this summer, as we've been very busy with family visiting for one month from France, going in and out of town with them, and each time we returned I had an all day painting event. We even threw in my mom's wonderful 91st birthday celebration! It's been a bit crazy but lots of fun, and definitely great spending time with family. I'm looking forward to getting back to painting regularly, posting regularly and reconnecting with a lot of my blogging buddies. Even Facebook and Twitter are sending me messages about my absence. (It feels kind of good to be unplugged for a while) Enjoy the rest of your summer!



  1. Very beautiful painting Claire!
    Realism and Modern art!

  2. Glad you reposted this painting, Claire. It's beautiful. More important, family comes first..glad you're enjoying them and the summer. Looking forward to Autumn and some more of your wonderful paintings!

  3. this is beautiful and not to worry. We'll be here when you return. Enjoy your family and the summer.

  4. Thanks Antonio, Hilda and Mary. I appreciate your comments, and understanding my time away from blogging, to be with family. It's weird how we feel guilty when we're not blogging and connecting, but the important people in our lives come first, and that's as it should be.