Sunday, November 7, 2010

Artist Phyllis Serota at the AGGV

Artist Phyllis Serota at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

I've had a very artsy weekend. After the Friday night "Little Gems Show", Saterday arrived and I attended a "Talk in the Gallery" with Victoria Artist Phyllis Serota, whose show "Still Still Life" is showing at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Phyllis is a very warm, engaging speaker who allowed everyone to relax, laugh a lot, and enjoy hearing of her inspiration for her paintings on exhibit. One attendee commented on how she appreciated Phyllis making the explanations of her art so accessible and unintimidating. Phyllis sighted this as an important aspect in marketing your art., and said that she has worked at breaking down the barriers and creating comfort for the public to enter galleries to view and appreciate art. I thought this was a really valid point for all of us to consider when showing our work. 

Phyllis has been painting for 50 years, so she has seen many changes with the evolution of materials and methods. She has moved from oils to acrylics, utilizing lots of textural effects. She sees digital photography as a revolution in art. She says that the cost savings and creativity that digital photography provides artists is enormous. 

Phyllis' work is varied, sometimes painted purely from her imagination, sometimes from her own personal history depicting family events, or from life , as in the case of her still life paintings. To view her work click here
I'm also very fortunate to have Phyllis as a neighbour. She has a wonderful studio which she she  kindly gave me a tour of, and is very warm and encouraging with artists like myself who are newer to the art business. 

Apart from all of the art events I attended this weekend, I also managed to get in a fair amount of painting. I'm preparing for the Oak Bay Artists Studio Tour coming up on November 20 and 21, and have been painting some larger pieces. I'll post those later in the week. Talk to you then!


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