Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dream Catcher

Original Acrylic Painting  12 x 16  Framed $300 
Please contact for shipping quote

Here is the finished painting. It's a very grey day here in the Pacific Northwest but I think the photo is pretty close to the original, none the less. I really enjoyed painting with a black gesso ground. It created a wonderful richness of colour and light. I have a few photos of other subject matter, taken at dawn, which I think would work well with this same technique, so I'll be experimenting further.

I had a blogging  friend (check out her blog for a great sketchbook project), inquire about the Oak Bay Artists' Studio Tour, and whether people come through my house. Yes, that's exactly what happens. Depending on where the studio is located, artists open up various portions of their homes. The first time I participated I was a bit nervous to have strangers wandering through my home, but discovered that it was a very pleasant experience. Everyone is so respectful and appreciative to be able to come and view art in the artists space, to talk about process and inspiration, and if they purchase, they are purchasing from the source which is something they really appreciate. I serve tea and cookies, sometimes they even sit down for a visit, and it's really quite fun. There's a lot of prep work though, because you want everything to look good, including the garden!



  1. Your painting is terrific! That is a beautiful landscape, makes you want to visit that beautiful location. The studio tour sounds awesome!

  2. Gorgeous painting, Claire! It is very rich--I am wondering if the black gesso gives that effect. Love the title!

  3. Thank you Carrie and Virginia for your kind comments! This scene is the Canal de Midi in the South of France. It's the most all enveloping green space I've ever been in. You step off the traffic filled road and down into the canal, and you're surrounded by peace and tranquility. In this painting, I think the black gesso really helped to punch out the colours and light and create a real richness. And the title, which I love, was thought of by my 14 year old son. When he came out with that my husband and I looked at him said "Wow!"

  4. love this painting Claire. Outstanding bridge..beautiful reflections in the water...and the man fishing just adds to this perfect painting.

  5. Thanks Hilda, this image brings back wonderful memories of our time in the Southwest of France.