Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Pear - ently Red

Original Oil Painting on stretched Linen  6 x 6 - SOLD
Currently Showing at the Christmas Small Works Show
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

 I'm really into painting these rich red Anjou pears.  I love the gorgeous sculptural form of pears and the colour of these Red Anjous is just so inspiring. I think it was faster to paint than it was to name. My two kids were in hysterics coming up with all kinds of crazy names, and finally I had to just stop the madness and I went with my daughters first serious suggestion. It was a fun family moment!



  1. Magnifique poire que celle que vous venez de peindre ma chère Claire et sublime choix également...
    On disait que les poires Rouge d'Anjou avaient cette couleur car les poiriers poussaient près des vignes et que c'était le raisin qui lui donnait cette couleur, couleur vin... mais ceci est une légende.
    Votre tableau n'est pas une légende il est réellement bien réussi.
    Merci pour votre gentil mail et à très bientôt. Bises

  2. Gorgeous pear, Claire. Beautiful brush strokes in the whole painting, very loose and soft.

  3. Love the name you chose! very original. Your brushstrokes are wonderful as well as the rich red color.

  4. Thank you Martine, Virgina and Hilda. I really appreciate you taking the time to encourage me in my painting journey. I'll keep working on those brushstrokes.