Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Country Road

Country Road  18 x 24  $475
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I blocked in the main colour pattern, concentrating on the rhythmic flow of  the branches, as well as establishing the tree trunks. These masses were then broken down into more varied tones and temperatures. My focal point is where the light hits the end of the road so I worked on establishing the light and dark contrast in that area. I used a number of greyed colour tones to make the more saturated colours pop. Because of all the layering of colours I paid close attention to the arial perspective, so that it layered back in space properly.

I drew in a few guidelines in burnt umber and started to block in the abstract colour shapes. Here everything goes in as a flat field of colour without creating shadows and form. I'm concentrating on the abstract shapes. I coloured the canvas with a sepia tone which I left to show through in small patches throughout the painting, creating colour harmony.



  1. Très intéressant de voir la progression de votre travail... J'aime toute cette harmonie de couleurs... ce chemin nous entraîne dans la forêt profonde... En cette période j'apprécie de me balader et de cueillir les champignons...
    je suivrais bien votre chemin...

  2. I absolutely LOVE the flow and colours of this painting Claire...It's BRILLIANT!

  3. Beautiful piece, I am always attracted to trails etc that lead the viewer in. I really enjoyed the insights into your process and thoughts. Great colour palette.

  4. Very pretty landscape. Lovely colors.

  5. i found your blog through Leovi and its excellent! I started a new one myself about art, maybe you can check it out too =) thanks!

  6. Thank you everyone for your warm comments. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my process. I always like to see how other artists arrive at their finished work too. Cheers!

  7. Very, very beautiful
    lovely colors.