Monday, May 24, 2010

Day Two Plein Air

Duck Pond  Original Oil Painting  8 x 10  $65 + s/h


It was the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, so we doubled our pleasure and fit in two days of Plein Air painting. I'm painting beside the duck pond, with the bright green of the golf course showing through the trees. As soon as I saw that green grass glowing in the background and reflecting onto the water, I knew I had to paint it. I managed to approach the scene with a bit more simplicity, but I have to really work on simplifying even more. I'm on a big outdoor painting learning curve, and it's going to be a long and hopefully enjoyable journey. :-)

I won't be posting again until after the weekend, because I'm heading over to Vancouver for
"A Painting a Day" workshop with Liz Wiltzen
which I'm really looking forward to. Check out Liz's blog. She's working on a project called '100 Paintings in 100 Days'. She painting most of her daily paintings in the Canadian Rockies, against all weather and temperature odds, and the results are simply beautiful.



  1. Hi Carol,
    Thanks very much for kind feedback. I'm new to plein air so I really appreciate receiving positive feedback from another artist, and particularly an accomplished artist like yourself!! Congratulations on joining Daily Painter Originals.