Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot House

Original Oil on Canvas Panel 6 x 6 NFS

This past weekend I went to a Daily Painting workshop in Vancouver, with artist and instructor extraordinaire Liz Wiltzen. The focus of the class was on painting small daily paintings to develop your skills as a painter. We covered so many valuable painting fundamentals such as relative value, relative colour, training your eye to see the colour accurately, and then mixing what you see. I had an added challenge of being new to oils. I have painted many tomatoes in the past, but these three little tomatoes exhausted me. I had to work so hard to see and mix all those colours and think about my edges, using enough paint, applying the right amount of pressure to the brush to either lay it on top or mix it with the layer below. Phew! In any case, I'm really looking forward to applying the technical skills and putting in lots and lots of practice.



  1. I had to laugh at your statement that "these little tomatoes exhausted me." I so relate. Non-artists think we just go to our studios and create paintings effortlessly, as if by magic. Your hard work paid off; these tomatoes are lovely.

  2. Thanks Judy! I'm telling you I almost packed it in. I had to much oil paint pushing around on the canvas I felt like it was getting out of control.