Monday, May 24, 2010

Plein Air

Camus Meadow 11 x 14 Original Oil $50

This is my very first plein air painting of the season, and about my 6th plein air painting ever. I have a huge appreciation of artists who plein air paint regularly. It's an art form all to itself and a very difficult one at that. First you have to decide on a good location, use your view finder to figure out your composition, then the editing begins. What will you keep and what you will eliminate? There is so much information before your eyes. Then there's the atmospheric perspective and of course chasing the light! So this is really documenting my progress, as I'm showing square one here. Yikes!

A bit about the scene itself. My two painting buddies and I headed out to a local, very natural park near our homes. The park is full of protected species of plants and trees, and in the Spring for a few glorious weeks the Camus flowers are in full bloom. It really is a sight to behold. I've included a few photos of us painting so you can appreciate the setting.


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