Monday, January 17, 2011

Cool Shade - Study

Original Oil on Stretched Linen 6 x 6 SOLD
Free Shipping to Canada and USA
International please contact for shipping quote

This is a study for a larger canvas I have planned. I'm working on a series of landscapes in acrylic, on textured canvas, in a larger format. It's interesting to me how painting these small paintings regularly, can impact my painting in another medium and size. For me, the improved skill set and familiarity of putting paint to canvas, allows for greater freedom and bravery in carrying out a concept. As I get farther along with the larger pieces I'll start to post the process.



  1. En observant votre étude, j'ai envie de courir là-bas dans la lumière... Je suis certaine que sur un grand format cet essai sera une réussite. Je vous embrasse. Bises

  2. Hello Claire, excelent painting!
    Colors, light and art!

  3. This is a nice composition, Claire. It's interesting that even in a "cool" painting, there are warm touches. I read a blog this week, and I wish I could remember where, by a landscape artist who showed how warm touches make a landscape look complete. He called it something like "finding the red". Just a few touches of burnt sienna made a painting look lively. I can see that on your fence and some of the tree trunks.

  4. Beautiful Claire!! A lot of detail in a painting of that size. Great painting.

  5. Thank you Martine, Antonio, Virginia and Hilda. I so appreciate hearing thoughts from my very talented peers. It's encouraging and inspiring. Cheers!