Monday, January 31, 2011


Original Oil on Canvas Panel 10 x 8 SOLD
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Here's a quick little painting of a moment last summer on the edge of a lake at twilight. Such peace and tranquility. Exactly why we holiday!

I recently commented on Lorraine Shirkus blog and she appreciated my comment. So I went back to see what I had said, and thought hmm... not a bad explanation. Maybe I should share that on my own blog.
Lorraine was questioning the artists' expression "Paint what you see" and I responded with my interpretation of those words: "I think painting what you see", means to see and capture the tonal value, colour temperature, light, reflections, the colour in the shadows, all the things that make a painting from life beautiful. From there, how we make our marks, whether we want to blend the paint into refined realism, or create a more abstracted version of what we see, is what makes the painting ours. It's our signature. I hope that interpretation has some value for some of you. I think I'll attach it to my easel, I'm sure it could be valuable to me!



  1. Beautiful twilight.
    Very, very beautiful painting!

  2. Wonderful quote about art there! Beautiful painting too! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. This painting is beautiful. I love the energetic brushstrokes that depict the marsh grass. Looks real!

  4. Beautiful! Love all the purple and amazing contrast. Also beautiful are the still-lifes for LOOK--so bold and bright and graphical. Really enjoy seeing your versatility. Thanks for the plug! Your articulate explanation has been really helpful as I struggle with a new painting . . .

  5. Beautiful painting! I saw what you said on Lorraine's blog and it is so perfect! It really does help. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Thank you everyone for your generous comments. I'm so glad you all liked this painting. I'm working on developing a more painterly style so your positive comments are much appreciated.

  7. I really love this painting Claire!! The reflection is great....definitely a good name. It's funny..Every week I go to my workshop and the first thing he tells me is "paint what you see"! Again, this is a favorite!!

  8. that's a fantastic painting. Simple and wonderful color harmony.