Monday, January 24, 2011

Seascape Still in Progress

I've continued moving down the canvas, blocking in the colour, and making bold energetic strokes with either large brushes or a palette knife. The coarse pumice medium is really interesting because it has a very 3D effect, and obviously lends itself to the beach scene. The paint on the pumice is drying about 3 tones darker than the same colour on the bare canvas, which actually makes some interesting marks. It's really hard to cover the pumice because there are many little holes where the pigment isn't penetrating. I'm having to use a hard bristle brush and scrub the pigment into the holes because those areas are looking under painted. In some applications, the areas left unpainted could have a nice effect, but in this instance it's not working. If I use this medium again I'll  most likely add pigment to the medium before applying it.
I have all the colour blocking in place now and can begin adding shadows to start forming the beachscape, which is made up of sandstone formations, rocks and seaweed. I need to darken down the foreground but also create a warm glow anywhere the light hits small pools of water.

This is my second to last painting session on this piece. I now have the beach well formed, but will need to darken the foreground and warm it up. I also want to work on the sky creating a bit more drama. I won't be able to photograph the final painting until the weekend. There's just not enough light by the time I get home from work. In any case, I'm having a lot of fun with this, and it's great to experiment with different mediums. On the final post for this painting I'll try to include some details so you can get an idea of the texture. I hope you're enjoying this experimental journey with me.


  1. Yes! I'm enjoying your experimentation. I can hear the excitement in your voice as you talk about the process. :)

  2. I love to watch your work progress.It's already beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. You've made so much progress so quickly and the painting is wonderful! I do really appreciate seeing this in progress . . .

  4. Didactic and beautiful!

  5. Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog, Claire. I appreciate the dialog---helps to organize scattered thoughts. This phase is akin to what Cher said: that she was uncomfortable with the sound of her own voice. But she kept going! Painting is an evolution on many layers, material and psychological and I'm so glad to be on this journey. Thank you also for all the encouragement! BTW, I wouldn't do anything more to your painting---it's beautiful in color, dimension, contrast. Really . . .

  6. Thanks Kathrine, Helen, Lorraine and Antonio. It's fun to post a painting in progress every now and then, because all artists love to see how another artist approaches a painting. Thanks for taking the time to comment it makes the journey so much more fun!